Product Care and Safety Instructions - Habit
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Your purchase counts towards our 8th Partner Initiative (8PI), our commitment to directly allocate 1/8 of all Habit profits for funding chosen partners that concretely address sustainability issues.

But how can you #MakeItAHabit to be more conscious of what you consume?
Do more by:


Reading and speaking about our advocacy


Participating in programs that address environmental problems


Ensuring the government is accountable to informed policy-making and effective implementation of proper sustainability solutions such as the ones enumerated in the R.A. 9003

Product Care Instructions

Rinse all items before use.
Keep in cool, dry storage.

For straws:
Use brush to clean inside of straw.
Wash with dishwashing soap.

For cups:
Wash with dishwashing soap.
Handle hot beverages with care.
Do not use cups for beverages with temperature that exceeds 70°C.
Do not microwave

For pouches and wraps:
Wash with dishwashing soap or laundry detergent.
Do not tumble dry pouch.
Do not use wraps to cover hot items with temperature that that exceeds 60°C.
Do not microwave

For cotton rounds:
Wash with laundry detergent.