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Chunky Straw Set

Our Chunky Set comes with one chunky metal straw in a color of your choice. Enjoy your favorite shakes or pearly drinks with this set that comes with a cleaning brush and in a dishwashing and detergent safe pouch. Each pouch also has an additional pocket to store your used utensils before washing at home.


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Set Inclusions:
1 pc. Chunky Straw – 12 mm diameter x 21.5 cm height, food-grade stainless steel 304
1 pc. cleaning brush
1 pc. pouch – dishwashing and laundry safe

You can opt not to buy, and instead, use:
1. No straw
2. Bamboo straw – lifetime of approximately 3 months, dries slower
3. Spoon for shakes and pearly drinks

Additional information

Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions7 × 0.9 × 24.5 cm

Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Spectrum


Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red

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