10 Zero-Waste Hacks, Pinoy Style - Habit

Even if half the year’s done, it’s not too late to make small changes to your habit. In fact, in a few days, we’ll be celebrating #PlasticFreeJuly! So we give you some everyday, common sense ways to reduce your waste – without having to lose out on the good things in life 😉

1. “No straw/ utensil/ plastic please”

Start your #PlasticFreeJuly with a big giant NO. Just say no to plastic, you’d be surprised at how easy it is.

2. Use reusable containers made of recyclable materials like glass, tin, or aluminum

Don’t miss out on your favorite snacks for the sake of Mother Earth. Take out that pan de sal, Master Siomai, or Potato Corner with reusable containers instead!

3. Bring a tumbler for drinks

It’s important to rehydrate, rehydrate, rehydrate, ‘cause we know you’re always on-the-go! What better way to do it than with a stylish tumbler? This hack’s not just good for the oceans – it’s good on the wallet too. I mean, have you seen those TRAIN prices??

4. Bring a reusable bag

We know you can’t help but run that small errand for the fam so just come prepared and bring a small tote. It beats carrying your stuff in a flimsy paper or plastic bag – we promise.

5. If possible, do bulk orders

The Philippines isn’t considered a “Sachet Economy” for nothing. But try it out. Buying in bulk or opting for bigger sizes actually saves you a lot of money in the long run.

6. Get creative with your food before it goes bad

There’s a reason adobo’s a staple in Filipino households – it’s cause it stays edible for a long, long time. But we can’t just eat adobo all the time, right? So it helps to challenge your culinary creativity by finding ways to cook and re-cook your food before the molds catch up.

7. Go back to basics when you clean

Most of us don’t recycle our monthly Zonrox or Dove bottles and it definitely adds up over time. There are so many options for cleaning and hygiene supplies that are easy on the toxicity, and they’re super easy to make too. We don’t have recipes on here but we swear you can just Google it for this month’s DIY project.

8. Stop using q-tips

It’s not good for your ears and it’s not good for turtles – so just quit it.

9. Buy secondhand

Ukay-ukay or thrifting is the best way to get unique and affordable pieces – can we get an amen? But with Uniqlo taking over the Philippines, it seems we’re all forgetting about this long-honored tradition. Rediscover the past and opt for ukay-ukay on your next splurge.

10. Repair or reuse old clothing

There’s merit in our lolas telling dalagitas to learn how to sew – ‘cause it teaches us the value of our clothes. With the advent of fast fashion, it’s easy to forget that these things actually last for more than a season. Try repairing for a change.

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