Our New Habit - Habit
Our New Habit

Habit shall be an inclusive, high-impact eco-lifestyle movement that creates avenues for its community to live a truly sustainable life, for the bigger purpose of creating a more livable world. What drives the company is a clear commitment to human life that manifests in action, may it be through individual choices or community engagement projects.


Why your habits matter

There is an overwhelming amount of literature suggesting that we can—and need— to do something about the waste situation. Refusing single use products is better than doing nothing at all, and it is part of our mission to provide alternatives.

A crucial point to remember is that we need to go beyond simply purchasing reusable alternatives. Perhaps it does not solve all problems on waste and sustainability, but it is definitely a step towards the right direction. We hope that you join us in this journey by:

  1. Reading and speaking more about the advocacy;
  2. Participating in programs that address environmental problems; and
  3. Ensuring the government is accountable to informed policy-making and effective implementation of proper sustainability solutions such as the ones enumerated in the R.A. 9003

Habit strives to become your partner in taking action by providing information and products, creating and promoting programs, and amplifying our collective voice for change.

How we do business

Our business is driven by advocacy – we provide alternatives to help people transition to a lifestyle that’s less harmful to the environment.

Consequently, the curation of our product line is informed by the best available data. We try to ensure that our products are sustainably and ethically produced. However, the process of creating them has certain limitations such as supplier availability and cost considerations.

We are continuously on the lookout for better products and supply chain practices that have less negative impact. We are open to your criticism and suggestions, so feel free to let us know your questions and concerns via start@habit.ph.

Definition of Sustainable Development

We work towards this definition of Sustainable Development: “Development that meets the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The 8th Partner Initiative

We acknowledge that a single habit’s impact is limited. The 8PI is our commitment to continuously contribute to greater impact movements by partnering with communities and organizations that concretely address sustainability issues. One-eighth of all Habit profits are directly allocated for funding our chosen partners.

As of writing, our 8PI partners are not yet finalized and we would appreciate any suggestions. Contact us through makeit@habit.ph and let’s start a conversation on this matter.

Our Team

We are a group of young Filipinos who simply want to do our part. The Habit team consists of passionate individuals from different backgrounds:

Karla Achacoso, Service
Bea Angala, Geography
Jan-Daniel Belmonte, Design
Jay Caluag, Data Analytics
Pang Delgra, Sustainability
Leng Delgra. Medicine
Justice Mabini, Business